Core Java

Java is a programming language that developers use to create applications on your computer. Chances are you've downloaded a program that required the Java runtime, and so you probably have it installed it on your system. Java also has a web plug-in that allows you to run these apps in your browser. Java is used for the Internet of Things and APIs, in big data technologies, e-commerce websites, high frequency financial trading platforms, scientific applications, and more. As mentioned, Java powers Android, which is the most widely used operating system on earth. Java is the brains behind Gmail, and is even in the Curiosity Rover on Mars. Get Free of Cost "Microsoft Technology Associate" International Certification with this course.


Course Description

* For Online Live Training Program: Contact Session- 40 hrs & Assignments- 20 hrs.

Intended Audience

B.Tech/MCA/BCA/M.Tech Students/Working Professionals from Corporate


Throughout the course,hands-on exercises (both classroom & Lab Assignment) are designed to teach object oriented programming using the Java Standard Edition programming language (JSE 8)

Course Objective

Learn the syntax, semantics and idioms of the Java programming language. Gain confidence in object-oriented programming principles through lots of practical exercises that provide useful exposure to the core Java class libraries.


No experience is required. But fundamental knowledge of C/C++would be helpful.

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