Core Java With Android

Android has several accessibility-focused features baked into the platform, which make it easy to optimize your application for those with visual or physical disabilities. However, it's not always obvious what the correct optimizations are, or the easiest way to leverage the framework toward this purpose. This lesson shows you how to implement the strategies and platform features that make for a great accessibility-enabled Android application. Get Free of Cost "Microsoft Technology Associate" International Certification for Core Java.


Course Description

Intended Audience B.Tech/MCA/BCA/M.Tech Students/Working Professionals from Corporate Overviews Android is an open source project of the Open Handset Alliance that has revolutionised the user experience of a mobile device.Android is a platform for mobile devices, which includes an OS, middleware and some key applications. The OS is based on a variant of Linux Kernel.The biggest advantage is that the success of Android depends on the availability of unique and engaging user applications created by developers. Course Objective Understand Android platform architecture,Explain the differences between Android and other mobile development environments,Design, develop, debug, and deploy Android applications,Use Android SDK's simulator to test and debug applications,Construct user interfaces with built-in views and layouts,Take advantage of Android's APIs for data storage, retrieval, user preferences, files, databases, and content providers. Write Android Application. Prerequisite Knowledge in Java basics, collections, input output operations, threading and Nested Class Utilities Android Studio, Android SDK

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